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Orland Knights: Cheerleader Info Orland Knights Cheerleading

The Orland Knights Cheerleading program teaches girls the fundamentals of cheerleading, develops athleticism, and offers camaraderie with other young ladies. At this time, cheerleaders will not be particing in cheer competitions. This is a recreational cheer program focused on introductory cheer. If you are interested in being a coach or know someone that might be interested, please contact Debbie Maloney at

PRACTICE: Practice will be at Centennial Park beginning Monday, July 31st, 2017.  Practices will be Monday thru Thursday from 6pm to 7:30pm until Labor Day.  After Labor Day, practices will be Tuesday and Thursday from 6pm to 7:30pm. Once the weather starts to get cold, the practices will be moved inside the gym of an orland school.

GAMES:There are 8 games during the season. All games are played on Sunday. Please see schedule for game times and location.

UNIFORMS:  Cheer uniforms will be provided by the Orland Knights to use during the season. 

COST: $75 The girls are responsible for their own shoes, jumper and spanx.

The Orland Knights have 4 Levels of Cheerleading:
Super Pee Wee: Grades 1 - 2
Pee Wee: Grades 3 - 4
Widget: Grades 5 - 6
Juniors: Grades 7 -8

For more information on the Orland Knights Cheerleading, please contact Debbie Maloney: