December 03, 2017

We need your help to protect our fields

Good Afternoon Knights Families ,

We need your support in attending the Village Meetimg Monday at 6pm at City Hall. Location is 14700 Ravinia Avenue. (We know this is tomorrow , but we just found out about this situation)

We need to have a presence there because the Board for OP will be discussing relocating the OP Pioneers to another field and one option is to let them use Centennial and bump us to a different field, which will be much less convenient than Centennial. Our Knights Board members will be there to protect our position, but as many Knights supporters attending as possible will make a big difference. This is your opportunity to stand up for our organization and protect our program that is doing great things for our sons and daughters.

We hope to see see as many of you there as possible. We understand there will be a strong Pioneer Presence as well.

Thank you,

Your Orland Knights Board Members