Each participant is required to pay $160  (for the first participant. Each participatant that registers after that, the amount decreases by $20. Must be a family member on the same account.) in lottery tickets at the time of sign up. Families have the opportunity to earn this money back by selling the lottery  tickets.  Starting Monday, October 1st, whatever the winning lottery numbers are for the daily pick three in the afternoon, if that number matches your lottery ticket, you will WIN $50! There could be a winner every day for a month. The grand prize winner of $200 will be on Sunday, September 30th.

Other fundraising opportunities will be available throughout the season.  Shake the can has not yet been schedule.

SPONSORSHIP: Families are encouraged to get sponsors for the program.  Any family that brings in a sponsorhip level of a minimum of $100 will earn $25 back. The sponsorship forms can be found under downloads.

REFERRALS:  Each time a family referrs another participant that registers, they will receive $25 back. Referral name must be indicated on their registration form.